Posted: September 14, 2012

The Art Department’s aim is to make Art and Design enjoyable, interesting and challenging and in doing so promoting positive attitudes to the visual arts.
Here at Pool Hayes Arts and Community School through investigating all the specialist areas in art, craft and design we hope to challenge students to develop their observational skills and artistic understanding. We believe Art plays an important role in everyone’s lives; from the clothes you wear, the computer games you play, the chair you sit in, to the film you watch and enjoy. Art provides important opportunities to develop young people’s practical, exploratory, expressive, design and problem-solving skills at a level appropriate to their age and maturity.
Many areas of employment value creative thinking and problem solving skills that are an essential part of any Art and Design course. Studying these subjects boosts employability prospects, particularly in areas such as further education, film, publishing, journalism and gallery or museum work.


Miss A. Kew Head of Art and Teacher of Drawing and Painting
Mrs G. Degg  Teacher of Art
Miss K Liversidge Teacher of Ceramics/Pottery
Mrs L Ryder Teacher of Textiles

All teachers in the department have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Art, crafts and design coupled with a passion for their specialist area which both enhances and broadens the experience of pupils in Art and Design here at Pool Hayes school.