Vaughan House – House Cup Winners

July 22, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

Vaughan House – House Cup Winners
Congratulations to Vaughan House for winning the House Cup for 2014-2015 and were presented with the winning trophy by Miss Dale, their linked Senior Teacher.

Receiving House Cup 1
The final placings saw:
1. Vaughan House
2. Tildesley House
3. Carpenter House
4. Hodson House
5. Parkes House

The respective cup winners saw:
Attendance Trophy – Carpenter House
Sports Cup – Carpenter House
Standards Trophy – Hodson House
Achievement Trophy – Tildesley House
Charity Trophy – Vaughan House

The new term brings the chance for each House to compete for the House Termly Cup and all points count towards the House Cup for 2015-2016.

Easy chances to gain House points include 95%+ attendance, achievement points, and no behaviour points, but further points can be won through taking part in school events, raising money for your House charity and taking part in school teams and competitions.

Do your bit and make your House proud for 2016


Science Booster Work

July 20, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Francis

Science Booster Work
All pupils in Years 7-10 have booster / preparation work in readiness for September.

Years 7 and 8 have booster work based on the areas they found more difficult in their end of year examinations.
Year 9 have booster work based on their second GCSE module (the one that wasn’t in their end of year examination).
Year 10 have booster work on module 4 in each subject (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and preparatory research for their first controlled assessment task.

If pupils misplace the paper copies they have been given, they can be accessed via the Science page of this website (although they will need to login).

Pupils have also been emailed the task – accessible using the Webmail link on this website.

If pupils have any major problems, they can email me, again through the Webmail system above.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate all pupils on their hard work and end of year examinations and wish you all a safe and happy Summer.

Mr Francis (Head Of Science)


End Of Term Arrangements

July 17, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr A Lawrence

It seems like only yesterday that we were starting a new school year! The time has really flown by and now we are at the end of the last term of the school year. As normal, school will shut earlier on the last day with pupils departing for home at 12.45pm.

Pupils who are entitled to a free school meal may claim their allowance at break time, which will feature an extended menu provision.

The new Year 7 and Year 12 will begin school on Friday 4th September 2015. All other years will begin school on Monday 7th September 2015.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a safe, warm and enjoyable summer.


Walsall Schools Athletics Championships

July 17, 2015 in Front Page News, Sports News by Mrs L James

On Thursday 9th July, 50 Pool Hayes pupils went to Alexander Stadium in Birmingham to complete in the annual Walsall Schools Athletics Championships. With hours of training behind out team, pupils competed against 15 other schools in the borough in both track and field events.

The day started with the 100m sprint event, where a Pool Hayes pupil from each age category competed well to earn themselves a place in the final. Pupils were well disciplined to ensure they got to their event on time and competed to the best of their ability. The attitude and behaviour from pupils throughout the day was excellent and it was a pleasure to watch pupils compete on such a prestigious track.


Read the full report HERE


Visit To Aston University

July 15, 2015 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

Visit to Aston University

On Tuesday 14th July 26 students from years 7,8 and 9 went to have a look at Aston University to see what a university could offer them in the future. We started with a short presentation about the variety of courses on offer this really astounded the students as they had no idea that there was such a wide variety on offer.  They also learned the benefits of gaining a university degree and how a sandwich course could give them a year long placement within the world of work enabling them to get valuable experience within their chosen field.  Their first challenge was the Fake course Game here they had to look at different course titles and guess which one was made up. Their second challenge was the Chocolate tower, students had to build a newspaper tower one metre tall which could support a 200g chocolate bar for 10 seconds.  The students split into 5 teams it all got quite competitive, however no team fully completed the challenge the girl’s team was the closest with their tower supporting the chocolate bar for seven seconds. The third and final challenge was Would I Lie to YoUniversity? Here a question was flashed up onto the screen and students had to listen to answers read out by student ambassadors then try to identify the correct answer to match the question. Finally we had a tour around the campus, students got to check out the swimming pool and gym, library, catering facilities, lecture theatres and medical facilities all located around within a few minutes of the main building.





English Year 8 Summer Booster

July 15, 2015 in Front Page News by Miss G Smith

English Year 8 summer booster

eng booster

57 Year 8 pupils have been given the opportunity to complete a summer booster unit in English over the summer holiday.

The tasks are designed to gradually build up challenge and help prepare pupils for Year 9.

The emphasis is on ‘giving it a go’ and pupils can attempt as many questions as they like in order to give themselves a real boost at the start of September.  Cinema tickets will be up for grabs for pupils that produce the best quality work, put in the most effort and show the most progress.

Good luck Year 8- I look forward to seeing what you all produce!

Miss Smith


Summer Reading Challenge

July 13, 2015 in Front Page News by Mrs A Plimmer

Summer Reading Challenge

The challenge is to:

  1. read one fiction book, and then write a review about it, in your own words
  2. read one non-fiction book, and then write a review about it, in your own words
  3. take a selfie of you and your two books (which can be printed out in the school library, in September).


House points will be awarded to all entries, which meet the criteria.

All entries which meet the criteria will be entered into a lucky prize draw for two cinema tickets.

Criteria: Your book reviews should include the following:

Book Title: Author: Fiction or Non-fiction

  • what the book was about
  • a list of the main characters/your favourite characters (fiction books)
  • what was good/great about this book
  • a star rating for each book
  • who you would recommend this book to and why
  • your name and house name.

Snowdon Walk

July 10, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr R Francis

Snowdon walk

On Saturday 4th July some of the 6th formers took on the challenge of climbing the UK’s 3rd highest peak for an end of year trip organized by Jack. The day started with some tired looking faces at 6:30 in the morning as myself, Mr Lawrence, Miss Sheridan Miss Dale and Mr Schulze met the group at Pool Hayes. We then set off to the Snowdonia National Park where most people got some extra shut eye in preparation for the days walking.

A few hours later we arrived at the base of Snowdon. The peak of the mountain was covered, as you couldn’t see through the fog that was lingering in the air. However the sun was shining and it was definitely T-shirt weather. It was a busy day at the bottom with a marathon going on and also a lot of other walkers ready to tackle Mount Snowdon. We set out on our hike up the Pyg track at a steady pace taking in the wonderful views on our way for the first hour or so. As we got higher we eventually walked into the low lying clouds and the weather started to turn. As we turned to walk across a long ridge the wind picked up and it was blowing you off your feet and the rain was pelting you in the face so seeing where you were going was a struggle! Lets just say the weather wasn’t great and this continued for the rest of the climb to the summit. We did all make it to the top even though we were drenched through and rather cold which is a great achievement especially in such horrible weather. The thought of a nice hot chocolate from the café kept most of us going, only to be disappointed when it was closed!!

snowdon snowdon1 snowdon2 snowdon4 snowdon5 snowdon6

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A Career In Law

July 10, 2015 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

A career in Law

Around 15 students sat in on a very informative talk given by our guest speaker Lee Trubshaw from Bradin Trubshaw Solicitors. Students learned that to succeed as a solicitor, you need to be determined and highly motivated as well as having the qualifications needed to get into law with entry onto courses being highly competitive.  Solicitors work not only in private practice but also in commerce and industry and local government. Their work is wide and varied from house conveyancing and will writing through to criminal representation and has a high degree of confidentiality. Students came away really inspired by what they had learned and now know they will have to work really hard if they want to pursue a career within law.

For more information go to: http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/careers/becoming-a-solicitor/


Youth Parliament Bully Debate

July 10, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr B Mescam

On Wednesday 8th July four Year 12 students (Mark Gibbons, Charlie Rudd, Bethany Cattell and Georgia Hewitt) took part in #bullydebate, a debate organised by members of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament. The lively debate involved young  speakers from numerous schools across the Walsall Borough and took place in Walsall Town Hall council chamber and was chaired by the Mayor of Walsall, Angela Underhill. She said on many occasions how impressed she was by the points that were raised by the young people involved. It is clear from the passionate way that the debate was conducted that bullying is an important issue that affects many young people and still needs to be dealt with.  The debate ended with a vote on two different possible anti-bullying campaigns that could be implemented in the future.

bullydebate bullydebate1

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