We Give You… ‘The Ultimatum’

May 28, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

We Give You… ‘The Ultimatum’

Pool Hayes are proud to present a local band made up of our students who are making waves and becoming a bigger and bigger success – we give you… ‘The Ultimatum’.


The band are made up of Mitchell Griffiths (Y13), Aaron Sanders (Y13), James Hollick (Y10) and Jaye Roberts (Y10) and their range goes from blues to rock… alternative metal to jazz… and they are at home singing or performing acoustic.

Their performances have been very popular at school, whether at events or on busking Fridays, but their recent shows at primary school events and in local pubs and clubs are going down fantastically well – even taking them onto the airwaves…

Look out for them on a stage near you or find out more at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ultimatum/706377982736890


International Links with the University of Wuppertal

May 28, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

International Links with the University of Wuppertal

We are very proud to have set up strong links with the University of Wuppertal, in North Rhine Westphalia in Germany, and are hosting three German teacher trainees,  Steffen Paffrath, Christina Schulze and Joschua Beyer, who are working at our school for 3 months across the curriculum.


This initiative is designed to broaden our own student horizons by getting them interacting with people from different backgrounds and for us to learn as teachers about international practice so to improve what we are doing here. Indeed, they will also be working in our local primary schools, some of whom are now using our connections so that they can join the programme next year.

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Student Voice Designs Main Hall World Mural

May 27, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

Student Voice Designs Main Hall World Mural

A huge part of our work at Pool Hayes has been to convince the students that they have every opportunity to make a huge impact on the world around us. We have been pursuing this through Aim Higher Evenings, work placements, guest speakers, mock job interviews, national and international field trips,  mentoring and much, much more, but now we are planning to build this vision into the very fabric of the school buildings.

We have ambitious plans to refurbish the Main Hall this summer and a central point of the redecoration will be a massive mural placing our school at the very centre of the world.

World mural

We are planning to have a photograph of the school at the heart of the mural and then locations from around the world to inspire the student to aspire to make their mark on the world. The key message is why shouldn’t our students be the movers and shakers on the global stage in years to come ?

Great ideas are already coming in and more on their way so if any parents want to have their say then drop us an email at postbox@poolhayesarts.com with your suggestions.

Looking Out On The World – Student Voice


We are looking forward to showing off our ‘new’ Main Hall after the summer holidays and are planning for it to have a big impact on our students aspirations so that they think bigger and bigger and bigger.


Year 13 Leavers Breakfast

May 27, 2015 in Front Page News by Miss N Dale

Year 13 Leavers Breakfast

The last week of term before the Spring Bank Holiday, we said our goodbyes to Year 13 as they went off on study leave. The two years that they have been with us in the Sixth Form was celebrated in our Leavers Breakfast. The breakfast was a really lovely way to spend the final morning together, enjoying a sit down meal and receiving awards from both tutors and fellow students, listening to music requested by the students as well as a collage of photos. The breakfast ended with a toast to the future.

‘I loved the maturity of the event. It was a nice way to mark the end of an era.’ Shannon Shani

‘One of the best ways to finish 7 years of a fantastic school life.’ Marcus Tighe Jones

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Football – A Dream Is Realised!

May 25, 2015 in Front Page News, Sports News by Mr D Johnson

A dream is realised!!

Shortly before half-term the year 11 lads finally fulfilled a dream that has been 5 years in the making! – The lifting of the Walsall schools cup!

The scene was set and all of the pre-match hype and build up was over, no more chances after this one, no more “We’ll do it next year lads”. It was now or never for this group and every single player involved knew this. But where so many of their predecessors have failed over the years there is something special about this group of players.

Walsall Final -1


They may not be perfect; they may have had their issues with each-other over the years and even run-ins with their own teachers and coaches this year! But right when it mattered the year 11 lads stepped up and showed the school and all those that dared to stand in their way that on this night, it was their night, it was OUR night!!

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Numeracy Challenge Winners

May 22, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr A Lawrence

“Congratulations to 10FA on winning this half term’s Numeracy Challenge. Look out for the next challenge in your forms.”



GCSE Dancers Inspired By Rutherford Dance Company

May 22, 2015 in Front Page News by Miss A Williams

GCSE Dancers inspired by Rutherford Dance Company

This week the GCSE dancers participated in a contemporary dance workshop delivered by Artistic Director Adam Rutherford and later that evening they watched Rutherford Dance Company perform “Never Going Home Again” at the Forest Arts Centre in Walsall.

The idea behind the dance workshop was to experience the process of choreography from a starting point.  The workshops starting point was all about “gestures” and the invasion of someone’s personal space.  The dancers worked in pairs and experimented with a number of different gestures, they layered what they had by changing the timing and dynamics and finally their choreographies progressed into a performance piece that they performed to one another.  The workshop was incredibly valuable as next term they will focus on stimulus and the art of creating choreography for one of their most demanding units of the course.  The dancers were also photographed by “The Express & Star” so keep your eyes out!


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Forensic Psychologist

May 15, 2015 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

Forensic Psychologist

Today we were very fortunate to have as our speaker Helen Thomas a Forensic Psychologist.  Students listened with rapt attention as Mrs Thomas whose work takes her into both open and closed prisons went on to tell them about her work which starts when people are convicted and begin their sentence and can continue until they are ready to be rehabilitated.

The work is varied and no two cases are alike as clients will come from a wide range of backgrounds and have committed an even more diverse range of crimes.  Her work means carrying out one-to-one assessments, often to assess the risk of re-offending (e.g. for those who have spent years within prison being released into the community or sex offenders after a treatment programme) or of suicide, self-harm or other high-risk behaviour.

It also encompasses developing, implementing and reviewing appropriate offender treatment and rehabilitation programmes, including anger management, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, and social and cognitive skills training.

Forensic psychology is a regulated career and you must have an accredited degree and be registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). To practice you must also complete a BPS-accredited Masters in Forensic Psychology and   complete a period of supervised practice that requires you to provide evidence of applying psychology in forensic practice.



Textiles Transformations

May 14, 2015 in Front Page News by Mrs G Degg

Pink Peacocks and Green Foxes – Textiles Transformations!

Year 11 students have just completed their 10-hour exam in textiles, working independently and with commendable focus and dedication. I have selected two examples of their work to show below, however  the whole group have worked extremely hard and deserve to have their work shown off, so more images will follow over the next few weeks. Harriet Bate (Green Fox designs) and Alice Lippitt (Pink Peacock/ Bird Designs) produced these lovely works, below.

The students have completed a course in Textile Art combining some of the traditional methods of drawing and painting to create their own animal illustrations in the style of Textile Illustrators. They have explored  a varied range of techniques and processes including, Wax batik, fusing and trapping, embroidery, applique, patchwork using the sewing machines and more to complete their exam preparation and outcomes.

Congratulations and Well done on all your hard work!

alice lippett pinkpeacock (6) alice lippett pinkpeacock (4) alice lippett pinkpeacock (5) alice lippett pinkpeacock (3) alice lippett pinkpeacock (2) alice lippett pinkpeacock (1) harriet bate greenfox (7) harriet bate greenfox (6) harriet bate greenfox (5) harriet bate greenfox (4) harriet bate greenfox (2) harriet bate greenfox (3) harriet bate greenfox (1) alice lippett pinkpeacock (7)


A Career In Optometry

May 11, 2015 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

On Friday 8th May Rachel Braddock came into school to talk to students who are interested in becoming an Optometrist. Rachel told students that they would need to complete A levels including maths and sciences before progressing onto university. Students would need to check with individual universities for exact admission requirements.

Optometrists study at university for at least three years and must participate in a period of assessed clinical training in practice, before being deemed to have the knowledge and skills needed to be registered. Rachel said that although the work was hard but very interesting. Rachel surprised students by telling them that they would need to purchase their own Ophthalmoscope along with text books within their first year of university study. Whilst completing their registration year they would only be paid a minimum wage but on completion of this they would progress onto qualified rates which start at around £28,000.

Once registered, they have the opportunity to take further qualifications and develop their interests in specialist areas of practice. Selling the different glasses and lenses is a big part of the job and can earn them more money via a bonus scheme if they meet targets.

All optometrists practising in the UK must be registered with the General Optical Council, the profession’s regulatory body.

There are currently (January 2015) 14,276 registered optometrists in the UK.

opto opto1