24th October 2014

October 24, 2014 in Front Page News by Mrs J Hale

Look what was made today



Careers & The Importance of Good Grades

October 24, 2014 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

This week we have been privileged to have outside speakers come into school. On Wednesday Officers from West Midlands police came into school. Students and parents were able to gain a real insight into the working life of PCSO Webb and Sgt Nagra. The officers also helped students and parents understand the detailed application process to become an officer. They were keen to stress the importance of good grades at both GCSE and A level and to also gain a wider experience of life through community work.

On Thursday one of our past students Alex Bird who is now studying Fine Art at Birmingham City University came in to talk to students about his work. Alex told them of the qualifications they would need to get onto the degree course, he also stressed the importance of building up a portfolio of work and experimenting with different pencils and techniques. Both students and parents were taken aback by the outstanding quality of Alex’s work. Alex has now set up his own business to both showcase and sell his work.
All of the students involved really appreciated the opportunity to see and talk to our speakers.



Chloe Titley Is Awarded A Bronze Medal At The Kayl International Karate Cup, Luxembourg

October 22, 2014 in Front Page News by Mr P Costello

Chloe, a Year 13 student has been training and competing in Wado-Kai Karate for a little over two years.  Whilst she should be a novice she has continually performed well above her current Purple belt standard and has amassed a number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  Such was her success; she was chosen to represent England at this year’s International event.

On Sunday Chloe competed in the U18 Kumite (sparring) matches competing against ten other countries.  In her fights she gained points through a perfectly timed hook kicks, reverse punches and judge’s points.

A huge well-done to Chloe for bringing home a medal, and for representing England so early in her sporting career.

Chloe 1Chloe 05Chloe 11ChloeChloe 23Chloe 05


Child Poverty Week

October 21, 2014 in Front Page News by Miss A Williams

“Child Poverty Week”

Well done 7 MJG on a truly brilliant and informative assembly on “Child Poverty”. All you hard work and commitment at lunch times certainly paid off. What was really delightful to see was how you had all worked so well together. You took pride in what you delivered and for that I congratulate you.
A great reflection of the school ethos, a committed form group and a hard working form tutor. Miss Williams
Maddie “I was really nervous before we started the assembly, I had to speak in front of the whole of year 7 teachers and pupils. Once I had spoken I felt much more confident to be in front of them all. I really enjoyed our form assembly, the best part was when we held the letters up and it spelt ‘HELP CHILD POVERTY!”

Jack “The assembly went really well, I liked how the form came together at lunch times to practice the play, this helped us all know what to do on the day”

As the form tutor of 7MJG, I was very impressed with the pupil’s commitment, how pupils bonded and how personalities shined throughout the planning of our assembly. It was evident that each pupil aspired to make the assembly a success. Each pupil wanted the responsibility to make the form assembly a success. Each of them gave up their time at lunch and after school to prepare the assembly. The pupils have shown outstanding courage to stand up and deliver an assembly to their peers and teachers, their perseverance during the week led to a successful assembly with a key message to help child poverty.

Child poverty day


Art Star Of The Week

October 21, 2014 in Front Page News by Miss A Kew

Star Quality

Well done to Kirat Deol,  Molly Lounds and Maddie Shaw in year 7 for some excellent artwork!



First World War Centenary Battlefield Tour

October 20, 2014 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

Last week two students and one member of staff were fortunate enough to go on the First World War Centenary Battlefield Tour Programme organised by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Over the next four years its aim is to send representatives from all secondary schools over to Belgium and France to see for themselves the impact of WW1. We visited both Commonwealth and German cemeteries and Memorials  during our four day visit.  Places we had heard of when doing our background reading suddenly came alive as we visited the  Passchendaele and Flanders Museums. The area around the Somme showed how soldiers were at a disadvantage because of the flat land. Tyne Cot Cemetery was magnificent in the early morning sunshine, but when you looked around at the headstones it bought home just how many men lost their lives fighting for their country. Students laid a cross at the grave of a local soldier from Willenhall  J.W Cox a Driver in the Royal Field Artillery who was just 25 when he was killed on the 25/10/1917. Students also took part in a workshop called ’Coming World Remember Me’ commissioned by the Flanders Government where pupils created a pottery figure which will eventually form part of a memorial to the 600,000 killed in Flanders during the First World War.





Year 9 Keep A Clean Sheet

October 16, 2014 in Front Page News, Sports News by Mr T Harris

Year 9 keep a clean sheet!

The Year 9 football team played their second game in three days against Walsall Academy. After the disappointing 5-3 loss last year, the team were eager to right the wrongs.

Almost as soon as the first ball was kicked, the heavens opened. This did not stop the team from dominating the first half, with passing between team members up there with the best I’d ever seen from a Pool Hayes outfit.

It wasn’t long before the inevitable, another Jordan Winkle goal, his twelfth goal in five games! His attacking partner, Blade Edwards, was also to get his name on the score sheet, taking the ball past three Walsall Academy players before slotting home a great goal. (0-2, PH)

In attack, this team have got some real fire power. Winkle collected his second shortly after (0-3, PH). However, as both forwards would openly admit, attacking becomes so much easier when you can rely upon and trust your back line so much. Read the rest of this entry →


DT Enrichment

October 14, 2014 in Front Page News by Mr M Carthy

1-DTenrichment-8oct14- (4)


“Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” is a phrase we hear a lot now, for good reasons as the consequences of consumption and energy use become clear. Year 10 Design & Technology students are busy building their practical skills in D&T and putting this into practice in a range of projects turning reclaimed wood from pallets into new, useful and attractive objects. These Enrichment Sessions take place on Wednesdays after school and allow students to get stuck into making, using their imagination and creativity. The students have been enthusiastically planing, sanding, drilling and polishing tea-light holders from selected blocks of wood to bring out the hidden grain and colours. Some are starting to work on a more ambitious project, about which more in due course:

Here we see  Danny Light and Charles Malkin putting the finishing layers of beeswax polish on their candle-holders.

1-DTenrichment-8oct14- (2)

Jordan Davies drilling out a block to make a pencil holder.

1-DTenrichment-8oct14- (6)1-DTenrichment-8oct14- (7)

Bredon Fletcher sawing boards that will be made into a low table, the boards are offcuts from the roofing contractors who were recently at work on the school.

1-DTenrichment-8oct14- (8)

Most importantly, they have the opportunity to become more familiar with using a range of tools and techniques that they can apply to their GCSE coursework and projects and raise the quality and technical standard of their final products.



A Tough Team To Manage

October 14, 2014 in Front Page News, Sports News by Mr T Harris

A tough team to manage for all the right reasons.

The Year 9 Football team travelled to St Thomas Moore this evening for their first fixture. And with fantastic numbers at training, some difficult managerial decisions had to be made when selecting an 11 man team with 25+ pupils to chose from.

It was clear early on that Pool Hayes had the players to cope with the dismal conditions. Crisp passing, superb first touches and a willingness to work for each other allowed the away team to dominate from the off.
Joe Reynolds’ left footed screamer from outside the box got the ball rolling. (0-1, PH)

An unfortunate error at the back allowed St Thomas Moore to score a goal against the run of play (1-1). However, this only stirred the hornets nest, and Pool Hayes were not to take another backward step. Read the rest of this entry →


France and Belgium 2014

October 10, 2014 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

Live Blog WW1 Centenary Visit