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Start Of Term Arrangements

August 30, 2015 in Front Page News by admin

The new Year 7 and Year 12 will begin school on Friday 4th September 2015 at 8.45 am.

All other years will begin school on Monday 7th September 2015 at 8.45 am.


Excellent GCSE Results… Summer 2015

August 20, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

Excellent GCSE Results… Summer 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved some excellent GCSE results this summer with the overall pass rate increasing to 98.7% from 92.1% (Summer 2014).

Our 5 A*-C with English and Maths increased from 38% to 48% with both GCSE Maths and GCSE English coming in line with national averages and progress improving in both subjects.

Elsewhere, there were huge leaps in the vast majority of GCSE subjects with highlights including:

French = +61.6%              Geography = +19.4%            History = +16.8%

ICT = +28.4%                   Music = +22.4%                 Spanish = +44.5%

Further improvements saw the average GCSE grade increase to a C from a D (Summer 2014) and all of GCSE Media, BTEC Business, BTEC Creative Technology & BTEC Sport brought 100% pass rates.

Elsewhere, our SEN and Pupil Premium students made huge leaps forward across the board, especially in terms of closing gaps with other learners.

There were some incredible individual performances which included:

Reece Bushell – 8A*, 4A   Amie Troath – 2A*, 7A, 3B  Chloe Freeman-Chick – 1 A*, 7A, 4B

Alice Lippitt – 6A*, 5A     Tyler Bowdley – 8A, 3B, 1C   Josh Pullinger – 1A*, 5A, 5B, 1C

Harriet Bate – 5A*, 6A    Nikita Kallu – 6A*, 5A, 1B   Holly Edwards – 1A*, 6A, 4B, 1C

Lucy Ball – 1A*, 8A, 2B  Megan Blackwood – 8A, 2B, 2C   Kallum Gandham – 6A, 4B, 2C

The students, staff and parents have worked extremely hard to bring these success so huge congratulations to everyone.

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Results Day 2015

August 18, 2015 in Front Page News by admin


GCSE/LEVEL 2 RESULTS ~Thursday 20th August


If you want someone to pick up your results on your behalf, please send in a signed note indicating who the person is and ask them to bring along a form of ID.


Fantastic Sixth Form Results….Summer 2015…

August 13, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

Fantastic Sixth Form Results… Summer 2015…

We are delighted to report that the students and staff have produced excellent Sixth Form results this summer with the overall pass rate coming in at 99.9%.

The results were very much about improvement with the average grade moving up to a B grade from a C grade (Summer 2014). Similarly, the Average Point Score per Entrant increased to 231.1 from 212.91 (Summer 2014) and the Average Point Score per Candidate rose to 773.5 from 717.0 (Summer 2014).

Further improvement was flagged up with the % of students achieving 3 A*-E rising to 98.6% from 86.6% (Summer 2014) and the number of top grades of A*-B increasing by 27%.

There were individual success stories across the board but particular stars included:

Werner Lewis – A*, A*, A, A    Janine Dovey – A, B, B         Shannon Sahni – A*, B, Dist*

Jay Morris – B, B, B      Laura Carless – B, B, B      Riley Anderson – B, B, Dist*, Dist*

Charmaine Clarke – Dist*, Dist*, Dist*    Demi Farrington – Dist*, Dist*, Dist*

Harsimran Chatha-Kainth – Dist*, Dist*, Dist*

Jake Morgan – Dist*, Dist*, Dist*          Jaya Rhaud – Dist*, Dist*, Dist*

Lewis Kirkpatrick – Dist*, Dist*, C, C

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard and produced some fantastic results. Our average grade has now reached a B, the number of A*-B has improved by 23% and our Year 12 students have also produced some wonderful results so the picture is looking even better for next year.”

Natalie Dale, Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form, said: “This has a been a great summer for our school and I am so proud of the students. They are going out into a tough world so it is a huge relief to see all of our students secure places at universities and colleges, and on apprenticeships and work placements.”

Pool Hayes - A-Level Results

Photograph – “Samantha Dhillon, Louise Bowyer & Emily Kempson celebrate getting their A-Level results”.


Pool Hayes Summer School – Summer 2015

August 13, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

Pool Hayes Summer School – Summer 2015

Those of you who have gone past the school during the summer break may be half-suspecting the school is open as usual as the high numbers of Y6 students doing their free transition summer school work before joining us or September are in this week and next enjoying a range of activities that are designed to ease their move into secondary school.

There are simple learning points related to familiarisation and orientation with the school, making new friends, meeting senior staff, etc, but they are also doing film design, healthy eating projects, sports activities and literacy / numeracy work as well and numbers are pushing towards 80 on a daily basis.

The Summer School is being run in conjunction with XLR8 and also has four Y12 students doing a two-week placement which sees them working with students and lead activities. These placements build on the fantastic opportunities offered during Y12 Placement Week in the Summer Term and further strengthen out Sixth Formers hand when they come to apply for universities and jobs next year.

Any new Y7 parents who wish their child to attend next week simply have to come and sign in at 9.00pm in the morning – all are welcome.

Summer School 2015

Photograph – Y12 students – Peter Thompson, Emma Baker, Bethany Cattell and Lauren Evans – are helping lead Summer School activities with our new Y7 students.


Vaughan House – House Cup Winners

July 22, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

Vaughan House – House Cup Winners
Congratulations to Vaughan House for winning the House Cup for 2014-2015 and were presented with the winning trophy by Miss Dale, their linked Senior Teacher.

Receiving House Cup 1
The final placings saw:
1. Vaughan House
2. Tildesley House
3. Carpenter House
4. Hodson House
5. Parkes House

The respective cup winners saw:
Attendance Trophy – Carpenter House
Sports Cup – Carpenter House
Standards Trophy – Hodson House
Achievement Trophy – Tildesley House
Charity Trophy – Vaughan House

The new term brings the chance for each House to compete for the House Termly Cup and all points count towards the House Cup for 2015-2016.

Easy chances to gain House points include 95%+ attendance, achievement points, and no behaviour points, but further points can be won through taking part in school events, raising money for your House charity and taking part in school teams and competitions.

Do your bit and make your House proud for 2016


Science Booster Work

July 20, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr M Francis

Science Booster Work
All pupils in Years 7-10 have booster / preparation work in readiness for September.

Years 7 and 8 have booster work based on the areas they found more difficult in their end of year examinations.
Year 9 have booster work based on their second GCSE module (the one that wasn’t in their end of year examination).
Year 10 have booster work on module 4 in each subject (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and preparatory research for their first controlled assessment task.

If pupils misplace the paper copies they have been given, they can be accessed via the Science page of this website (although they will need to login).

Pupils have also been emailed the task – accessible using the Webmail link on this website.

If pupils have any major problems, they can email me, again through the Webmail system above.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate all pupils on their hard work and end of year examinations and wish you all a safe and happy Summer.

Mr Francis (Head Of Science)


End Of Term Arrangements

July 17, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr A Lawrence

It seems like only yesterday that we were starting a new school year! The time has really flown by and now we are at the end of the last term of the school year. As normal, school will shut earlier on the last day with pupils departing for home at 12.45pm.

Pupils who are entitled to a free school meal may claim their allowance at break time, which will feature an extended menu provision.

The new Year 7 and Year 12 will begin school on Friday 4th September 2015. All other years will begin school on Monday 7th September 2015.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a safe, warm and enjoyable summer.


Walsall Schools Athletics Championships

July 17, 2015 in Front Page News, Sports News by Mrs L James

On Thursday 9th July, 50 Pool Hayes pupils went to Alexander Stadium in Birmingham to complete in the annual Walsall Schools Athletics Championships. With hours of training behind out team, pupils competed against 15 other schools in the borough in both track and field events.

The day started with the 100m sprint event, where a Pool Hayes pupil from each age category competed well to earn themselves a place in the final. Pupils were well disciplined to ensure they got to their event on time and competed to the best of their ability. The attitude and behaviour from pupils throughout the day was excellent and it was a pleasure to watch pupils compete on such a prestigious track.


Read the full report HERE


Visit To Aston University

July 15, 2015 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

Visit to Aston University

On Tuesday 14th July 26 students from years 7,8 and 9 went to have a look at Aston University to see what a university could offer them in the future. We started with a short presentation about the variety of courses on offer this really astounded the students as they had no idea that there was such a wide variety on offer.  They also learned the benefits of gaining a university degree and how a sandwich course could give them a year long placement within the world of work enabling them to get valuable experience within their chosen field.  Their first challenge was the Fake course Game here they had to look at different course titles and guess which one was made up. Their second challenge was the Chocolate tower, students had to build a newspaper tower one metre tall which could support a 200g chocolate bar for 10 seconds.  The students split into 5 teams it all got quite competitive, however no team fully completed the challenge the girl’s team was the closest with their tower supporting the chocolate bar for seven seconds. The third and final challenge was Would I Lie to YoUniversity? Here a question was flashed up onto the screen and students had to listen to answers read out by student ambassadors then try to identify the correct answer to match the question. Finally we had a tour around the campus, students got to check out the swimming pool and gym, library, catering facilities, lecture theatres and medical facilities all located around within a few minutes of the main building.