A Career In Construction

February 11, 2016 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

Our Speaker on Tuesday 9th February was Anthony Pennant from United Living. The United Living Group was formed from the merger of Bullock Construction Ltd and United House Ltd in September 2014 with the vision to become one of the UK’s leading providers of refurbished and new build living solutions. They now have a turnover in the region of £300,000000.construction

Through partnerships with schools, training establishments, community groups and social enterprises the company employ, up-skill and train local people and focus on inward investment through the engagement of suppliers and subcontractors local to the areas in which they work.



United Livings apprentices work on sites and attend Wolverhampton College. They also have students from the University of Wolverhampton  on yearlong work placements as part of a sandwich degree.

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National Storytelling Week

February 10, 2016 in Front Page News by Miss G Weatherley

On Thursday 4th February, Pool Hayes Academy was delighted to welcome Birmingham’s former poet Laureate ‘Spoz’ to celebrate National Storytelling Week with us. During the day, we used poetry as a stimulus for creative writing, including figurative descriptions and a wide range of poetry. There were rhyming battles, raps about chocolate, rhyming couplets about love and unique poetry based on the theme of change. Every single one of the 115 students who took part in the day worked hard and the imaginative writing produced was a credit to those involved. Well done to all of you.

During lunchtime on Friday 5th February, four of our talented year 11s held a fun lunchtime quiz for all of our Harry Potter fans, sorting the mere muggles from the real wizards. There was even a sorting hat quiz to establish which Hogwarts house each of us should belong to. Well done to all of you who attended and won prizes!


The final exciting event taking place this week is the story writing competition. Each form will submit an entry based on an image and a story opening which was provided. Individual entries have also been flooding in and the winner will be chosen after the deadline of Friday 12th February. Keep the entries coming… watch this space for the winners being announced!


Movie Night For Year 9s….

February 9, 2016 in Front Page News by Mrs J Hale

……………….and they make their own popcorn

popcorn popcorn1 popcorn2 popcorn3 popcorn4 popcorn5 popcorn6 popcorn7 popcorn9


Y9 Languages Day at Wolverhampton University

February 8, 2016 in Front Page News by Mrs B Brazier

On Friday 5th February, a group of Year 9 students attended a fantastic Languages Day at Wolverhampton Uni. The day began with a very motivational and inspiring speech from businessman Peter Spencer. Peter is an engineer, a pilot, and director of his own Consultancy company. He made it clear that he would not be where he is today without his language skills. He is fluent in German and French and also speaks snippets of Cantonese, Hungarian, Russian…  to name but a few! Peter inspired us with his enthusiasm about languages and told us anecdotes about how making a little effort to use a client’s native language breaks down barriers and helps to build trust.  Peter encouraged us to always have a go: “If you’re governed by avoiding mistakes, you’ll never achieve anything”.

After successfully completing a vocabulary exercise, the students were then challenged to use some new Spanish words and phrases to create an advertising campaign.

Well done to all of our students! The adverts were of a very high quality and lots of hard work and collaborative efforts went into producing them.

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GCSE Drama Blood Brothers Workshop

February 4, 2016 in Front Page News by Mr T Monksfield

On 3rd February 2016 our year 10 GCSE Drama students had the amazing opportunity to work with Mike Southern, a professional actor who had appeared in the West End Musical ‘Blood Brothers’ for over 11 years.  As part of the day pupils were engaged in performance work from the play and were directed one to one by Mike to help students understand character and motivations ready for their Unit 1 exam performance of Blood Brothers in April.  Mike commented on the amazing talent we have here at Pool Hayes Academy and left by saying he was “Blown away” by all of the students, who conducted themselves professionally and respectably.

All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained a huge amount of understanding and confidence in their ability to perform these complex and engaging characters and I am sure they will continue this positive experience and confidence into their Unit 1 exam.

Megan Kelly – “I have loved today, it was so good”

BloodBros1 BloodBros2 BloodBros3 BloodBros4 BloodBros5 BloodBros6 BloodBros7 BloodBrosa

Mr Monksfield



February 4, 2016 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

Last week our guest speaker was Dr Laura Randle from Liverpool John Moores University.

Dr Randle is an academic member of staff at Liverpool John Moores University her degree was in Pharmacology and Phd in Toxicology and has worked as a postdoctoral research scientist for 5 years before taking up her academic position.

Dr Randle now works within the school of Pharmacy and Biomolecular sciences, which cover the chemistry, pharmacy, biomedical science, chemistry and forensic programmes within the University.

From an early age Dr Randles passion for science has led her to explore this fascinating subject and the many career paths associated with it. She told students how a pharmacology degree can provide a deep understanding of medications, exploring their sources and chemical properties and how they can have both biological effects and also therapeutic uses within both animals and humans. By undertaking research this allows the exploration of drug interactions in biological systems, the formulation and operation of clinical trials, as well as drug regulation and the marketing of pharmaceuticals. Before drugs can be put to use within the wider populace they have to undergo years of clinical trials costing sometimes millions of pounds. Read the rest of this entry →


Are you thinking of a career in Law?

February 4, 2016 in Front Page News by Mrs J Rivett

We recently welcomed Mandeep Dhura a Solicitor specialising in Immigration and Human Rights Law. Mandeep told students that she has been a solicitor for 15 years working within larger law firms before deciding to open her own practice.The-Law-Society_2860460b

Mandeep told students that training to become a solicitor demands considerable commitment over a number of years in order to become fully qualified. The main way to become a solicitor is to complete a qualifying law degree which is 3 years followed by the Legal Practice Course (LPC)

Qualifying as a solicitor is not easy. Students will face the intellectual challenge of exams, putting in long hours of study as well as possibly holding down a part time job to help fund their studies. Many trainee solicitors finish their training with huge debts. Others are not able to finish their training because they cannot get a suitable job to complete the LPC. There is no guarantee of getting a job either as a trainee or as a solicitor. However, some students are sponsored through part of their studies and the great majority of students who pass the Legal Practice Course qualify and enjoy successful careers. Read the rest of this entry →


Pool Hayes Academy – Opening Day

February 3, 2016 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

The opening day of our status as Pool Hayes Academy was celebrated by the release of 51 labelled ‘Pool Hayes Academy’ balloons to acknowledge the 51 years between the school first opening and our first day as an academy.

The Year 7 students had photos taken to mark the event before releasing the balloons which in the current weather conditions went zooming off towards the horizon.

Matt Allman, Principal, said: “We are delighted to have got through the rigours of the lengthy academy conversion process and wanted our local families and wider community to have a glimpse of the special day.”

The balloon release was only part of the opening events which have included special assemblies, Q&A sessions and first birthday cakes.

balloons balloons1



Happy Birthday – Pool Hayes Academy

February 3, 2016 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

As part of the celebrations surrounding our conversion to Pool Hayes Academy with the Academy Transformation Trust (ATT) all students and staff received a birthday cake to celebrate our first day as an academy.

All students tucked into the specially badged cakes at the end of lesson 5 and it was no surprise that there were none left !

The birthday cakes were just one part of the events surrounding our successful conversion.cakes



West Midlands Police Guidance to Parents

February 3, 2016 in Front Page News by Mr M Allman

The West Midlands Police haven issued the following guidance to parents concerning “Recent Hoax Bomb Calls’ that have been made to schools in some parts of the country.

Clearly, this is a serious matter and police are a pursuing the incidents as a “major criminal investigation”.

More details are in the attachment HERE